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Chibi Sketches
Doggy Rockstar - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
Confused Cuteness - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
Snow White Cutie - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
Salute to an End - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
Pencil and paper chibi sketches =p
Regular Sketches
Smug - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
I'm Flexible - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
The Feel of Autumn - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
It's a Revolution, I Suppose - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
Welcome to The New Age - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
Cold Confusion - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42
Pencil and paper :]
Digital Sketch
I am Your Princess of Justice and Genocide by Raven-Alchemist42
Summer Lovin' by Raven-Alchemist42
Thad - Digital Practice by Raven-Alchemist42
And So, the World Burned by Raven-Alchemist42
::..:::The Other:::..:: by Raven-Alchemist42
Sketchy, fun, and quick to do =p And not very expensive :lol:
Digital Line Art
RegularLineSample2 by Raven-Alchemist42
ChibiLineSample by Raven-Alchemist42
RegularLineSample by Raven-Alchemist42
Wonderful if you want to color it yourself, or even have someone else color it =p or just like line art :lol:
Digital Full Color
Desperate Times, Etcetera, Etcetera by Raven-Alchemist42
..::The Traveling Hunter::.. by Raven-Alchemist42
..::One With Nature::.. by Raven-Alchemist42
Training Time by Raven-Alchemist42
))Cutie Pie(( by Raven-Alchemist42
Happy Birthday, Spartan! by Raven-Alchemist42
Pretty self-explanatory; a full color digital image of... whatever you want, really :lol:

Newest Deviations

The newest uploads to my gallery :D

Random Favourites

Random pics that I find are full of epicness, one way or another ;p
EDIT: I didn't want it to come to this, but please, if anyone at all is interested in commissions, please let me know. I have a lot of expenses coming up in the next few months, and it'd help a lot if I could get a few commissions to help pay for them =) I have to start paying back my student loans, so... yeah... Depending on what you request, I might even be able to lower the price. So please, please, please commission me! Or at the very least, network this journal!

Oh, and be sure to look at my Point Commissions as well, if you have points you'd like to get rid of instead of using moneyz :lol:

Bullet; Blue
My TumblrBullet; Blue
Hey there everybody! My commissions are no longer on sale, for the Holiday season is long over :lol: So back to regular prices! Note me if you're interested! Or request one from my Commissions widget ;D

Bullet; Purple Tier 1: Chibi Sketches at $5 - $7


Doggy Rockstar - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42Salute to an End - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42Confused Cuteness - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42Snow White Cutie - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42

I'm not one to give off really sketchy, messy work and call it a commission (even for these prices). No, no, if you commission me for even a sketch, you'll get a nice, clean piece of work such as what's shown =p And the good news with these is that I can mail you the original if you so choose :lol: But, of course, it would cost a little extra, and there's a possible $3 - $5 adding when the commission is complete if A) I get a little overzealous with details and/or B) There's more than one character involved (though, if that's that case, I'd add that at the beginning).

Bullet; Purple Tier 2: Regular Character Sketches at $9 - $11

The Will of the Gods - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42..::Perfectly hApPY::.. - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42Farseer Stryker - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42I am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42Somewhere Between Before and After - Sk. by Raven-Alchemist42

Pretty self explanatory, as you can see; character sketches at regular sizes :lol: This holds the same possibilities as Tier 1 however; the more characters, the more I add for price. Not only that, but if it involves more than two characters, I'd implore you to take it digital, as it's easier for me to play with space on a computer canvas than it is a regular one. Otherwise, you might end up with smudges and such everywhere >~> No one wants that. Possible $3 - $5 adding at end if character is complex/I get carried away.

Bullet; Purple Tier 3: Digital Sketch With Color at $13 - $15


Summer Lovin' by Raven-Alchemist42Thad - Digital Practice by Raven-Alchemist42And So, the World Burned by Raven-Alchemist42Colors. Colors Everywhere. by Raven-Alchemist42Snipah Xikra - Team Fortress 2 by Raven-Alchemist42

There's a reason I have so many samples of these; it's because it's they're incredibly easy, quick, and FUN to do! :D They look scribbly, but I think it only adds to their charm, plus they have color for not a lot of money :lol: As usual, there's a possible fee of $3 - $5 depending on complexity, details and characters.
Bullet; Purple Tier 4: Digital Line Art (Chibi or Regular) at $17 - $19

ChibiLineSample by Raven-Alchemist42RegularLineSample by Raven-Alchemist42RegularLineSample2 by Raven-Alchemist42

These are nice, clean, sharp and a great option if you want them colored by yourself or even someone else (I won't mind, don't worry =p). And, because of the way I CG (as you can see), the eyes are almost always colored in (so you get a splash of color, free of charge :lol:). If you don't want this option, however, just say so and I will make it so the eyes are uncolored =p. Also, if you're curious, the reason these cost more than Tier 3 is because I line art through Illustrator (to get those smooth, crisp lines and perfect sharp corners) and it takes much longer than a digital sketch. I could literally spend hours just doing line art--and then fixing it to make sure it's perfect. As usual, there's a possible fee of $3 - $5 depending on complexity, details and amount of characters involved =p

Bullet; Purple Tier 5: Digital Full Color at $21 - $24


Commission for gameboynin - StarfirexRaven Kissu by Raven-Alchemist42..::One With Nature::.. by Raven-Alchemist42Happy Birthday, Spartan! by Raven-Alchemist42..::The Traveling Hunter::.. by Raven-Alchemist42My Crystal Sunset by Raven-Alchemist42
..::Just Call Me Princess::.. by Raven-Alchemist42..:.:My Pride:My Rage:My Demon:.:.. by Raven-Alchemist42{Night Light} by Raven-Alchemist42

Highest Tier, best option, beautiful colors--you get the point :lol: These can take an entire day to accomplish and, ultimately, I do still have school--so even then. The beauty of these, however, is that I will send you a digital copy without my logo, which you can then take to a print shop and print up nicely at your own convenience =p I'd offer the prints myself, but I would then have to charge extra not only for the print, but for shipping. So think of it as me trying to save you money on that :lol: As usual, there's a possible 3$ - $5 fee depending on complexity, details and characters. Before your piece makes it to this point, I will also show you a rough sketch beforehand so you can make sure you like where it's going and so on =p This comes free of charge.

Bullet; BlackBullet; Red SLOTS Bullet; RedBullet; Black  

The way I will be doing commissions is through slots. I will have 5 slots open, and they will close by first come, first serve. When your commission is complete, your name will be removed, and the next person will move to top priority, and so on and so forth. If at any time, all 5 slots are full--please don't fret! Send me a note anyway, and I will set you up in a queue, where you'll be put into the next slot as soon as it opens =p


1.) :iconravuswolf: Progress: Full Color Point Commision, OC + Erza Scarlet, Pending...
2.) OPEN
3.) OPEN
4.) OPEN
5.) OPEN

If you're ready to commission me, simply send me a note titled "Commission," inform me of what you'd like, and I'll put you into an open slot :D


~*{Lurking in the Shadows}*~
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Music, Anime, Cartoons, Drawing, Writing, Wolves/Dogs, Vampires, Video Games, Hugs, Cookies, Nice People :3

No Likeys:
Mean People who think The World Revolves Around Them, Crude, Pointless Comments, People who think They know Everything XP

A little shy at first but, once I'm conformable, I'm loud, fun-loving and easy to love :D I obsess over anime but, hell, so do a lot of other people :XD: I purposely exaggerate tiny things :3 I'm pretty much the definition of tomboy and am the Queen of Procrastination. I'm great listener and seem to give good advice, since lots of people come to me for advice ;p Um, guess that's it =P Love you all; see ya around! :heart:

Favourite genre of music: Pop/Rock/Techno/Dance/Hip-Hop/Punk
Favourite style of art: Cell-Shading
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Shell of choice: Um... Conch? O.o
Wallpaper of choice: Cute or Cool Anime, Relaxing Nature, Anything I Find Interesting
Favourite cartoon character: General Animal Cartoons
Personal Quote: 'To Each His Own'

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